We develop people in orgnizations.
By developing management programs and conducting leadership academies,through business simulations & learning and development interventions.

We, people of Evolutiv, are convinced that “to learn” it is found, without mistake, at the intersection between “to know”, “to feel” & “to believe”.
These are the verbs that our programs are based on.

Custom trainings

We build together with the top management of partner companies, for the sustainable growth and transformation of the organization.

Leadership Academy

A coherent and integrated approach covering the entire corolla of specific leadership concepts and tools.


A compendium of skills specially structured to link the theory and practice of managerial performance.


We cover both the one-to-one coaching area as well as the classic coaching skills development area.

Project Management

A consistent package of practical tools designed to shorten the distance between the written plan on paper and reality.

Human Resources

Internationally accredited program that opens, door to door, all areas of competence of Human Resources.

Business Simulations

Let's understand how the business works, using these complex tools to catalyze attitude changes.


Tools for understanding the development and change interventions in organizations.

Soft Skills

Communication, feedback, management conflict, train the trainers, customer care, emotional intelligence, self esteem


You say "team," you say "relationships." Relationships are the basis of each activity and of each Evolutiv teambuilding program.


Punctual interventions with value and impact, integrated into larger events or structured for short periods of time.

Corporate Social Responsability

We contribute, beyond business, to a better world. Of which we want to be a part too.

Bucureşti, IAA House - Calea Victoriei 126, etaj 3, sector 1
Gheorghe Andrieș: 0723. 522. 025 (centrul regional București)
Cristina Ţirulnic: 0726. 684. 282 (centrul regional București)
Sorina Andron: 0742. 951. 687 (centrul regional Iași)
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